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Oil Paintings of the Camino De Santiago de Compostela

Walking 760km through France, Spain and Portugal.

Paintings of the Franćes and Portuguese pilgrim routes to the bones of Saint James.

Atlantic Wave

Atlantic Wave

Oil Paintings of places in the USA

Whether from a mountain top or the top of a building, views high up offer a different perspective of the world.  The light changes throughout the day creating different moods and a challenging plein-air experience. Maybe I have painted somewhere you have visited.


commissions and other collections

Commissions accepted. Please contact me if you have a special place you would like painted.  I prefer to paint the location in person if possible, but I also work from your photographs.

Artwork can celebrate or commemorate a special location.  Whether it be a wedding location, a favorite vacation spot or maybe somewhere you have hiked. An oil painting makes a unique and special gift.

What inspires me to paint?

Culture, customs and the call of the wild inspire my artwork. I have been painting and traveling my whole life. I paint because it is the essence of who I am. I enjoy capturing the ambiance of a place with color.

Are you looking for a color match to interior decor?

Do you have a place you want to be captured in an oil painting?

Maybe somewhere special you have hiked?

Whether painting from the streets of Kathmandu to the hills of Spain, beauty can be found everywhere.

I believe saving nature on the planet is one of the most important jobs we have. Human irresponsible actions may destroy what precious resources we have been given. I give back to preserve the land and the environment.

Your purchase makes a difference.

Customers Comments,

“Wow the painting just arrived in the mail. We LOVE it. Thank you Heather” - Wedding location painting - Gretchen H., Maine

“I love the feel you captured of our special place.” Lisa D., Maine

“Thanks for teaching the class. Your paintings are beautiful” Tim L., Maine


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