Canadian Festivities

Currently I am living in Maine, U.S.A. where the 4th of July is celebrated with family gatherings, pool parties and fireworks.  Just three days earlier Canada celebrated Canada day, so it seems this part of the world was celebrating all weekend.  I decided to celebrate by painting and visiting the City of Quebec, a six hour drive away.

Quebec province is predominately a French speaking region. The old city of Quebec is reminiscent of France with its cobbled streets and mansard roofs. I viewed Inuit sculptures and dined on delectable food. Painting was difficult the first day as it rained, but I managed to paint two paintings en-plein-air away from the festivities.

Check out my video (and yes, I was exhausted after driving six hours) and let me know in the comments below if you have visited the city and your favorite place there. As always if you have friends that might enjoy my artwork or the ArtBlogs please share and pass them along.