Walking off a Cliff

I have wanted to visit Nepal for 34 years.  Maybe because I lived there in another life time but mostly because I met a group of Ghurka's at age 11.  They were introduced to me as the bravest soldiers of the country of Nepal which sparked my interest in the region.

Nepal is the only country that has an irregular shaped flag.  Not rectangular but two red triangles on top of each other.  I like that they are a little different.  Even their time zone is 15 minutes off from India, just to be individual.

The country is known for it's beautiful Himalayan landscape which tends well for hiking, mountaineering and adventure sports.  I wanted to get high up to gather views for upcoming paintings what better way to enjoy the views than by paragliding.

Take a look at the video below and send me a comment.  Would you go paragliding?  I shall be using my photos and memories in an upcoming Nepal series of oil painting.  I hope to show them to you soon.