BRrrrrr it's cold.

On this cold day in March I decided to go outside to paint, en plein air!  The temperature outside is 18 degrees Fahrenheit which is well below freezing.  As I sit here snuggled with a warm cup of tea I am trying to get the circulation back in my fingers.  I decided today to make a video blog, but it was too cold for the photographer!

Adventurous me, I will try anything... I walked on top of the frozen lake to the middle where I was able to get a wonderful vista.  I set up my easel, fought the wind and started painting.  But, after 15 minutes the oil paint froze.. what was I thinking....

So I packed up and completed the work inside using a photo.

May your next excursion not be as foolhardy as mine.

Are we cold yet?

Are we cold yet?


As a note: I have since learned that it is the zinc white that freezes first. Placing the tube of paint next to the body and dispensing when needed prevents this.  Of course even in these conditions time is of the essence.
Heather Lumb